“I am amazed at the heartwarming simplicity with which Barron Pilgrim captures reflections of the beauty of everyday people, born of their love for God, country, family and friends.”

Karl A. Oglesby, editor & publisher

Poetry inspired by God’s creations

America’s “ocean poet” whose heart and words are inspired by God, love and the beauty of nature.




             Barron Pilgrim

                           The Ocean Poet

Born in a community called Leaf, near Cleveland, Georgia, Barron Pilgrim attended White County High School and Truett-McConnell College in Cleveland.  White County is a beautiful area of scenic mountains and valleys in northeast Georgia.

Barron now lives in Columbia, South Carolina. He also loves to spend time on the coast, walking the beach and enjoying the ocean that inspires much of his poetry—including his latest books, Ocean People, Gone with the Ocean, and The Greatest Poetry of the World.

Barron’s books are a unique form of “art in words” — he is the only writer who uses this style. His poems are written with pictures of emotions. His first book, The Directions of Love, was a collection of romantic poems. Next was When You Went Away, about love, loss and emotions we all experience.

“Life is a series of partings,” says Barron. “Changes come along in everyone’s life for all sorts of reasons—from romance to death. This book reflects thoughts and feelings collected down through the past twenty years, which were torn from several notebooks.”


Gone with the Ocean is also available as an audio CD. Click here for a page where you can listen to an excerpt.

Among his other books are God and Romance in Poetry, Miracles, Where Was God? and Poetry from Heaven.