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When You Went Away

Reflections on memories, love, loss and emotions.     


“Where Was God is a comfort and a pleasure to read. It is simple yet poignant, very touching and speaks directly to the heart. Read it and know that God is always with you.”

           —J.D. Hart

           Nashville, TN



Actor, spokesperson, and voice-over artist,  J.D. Hart starred in the movie, “Bell Witch,” based on a legend surrounding a settler of the 1800s.   Hart is also a singer and songwriter—among other music, he wrote the theme for NBC’s “Man of the People.” 


Christmas Memories

A full-color greeting card and a gift of nostalgic poems and inspiration.      

Poetry from Heaven

Poems of inspiration that touch the heart.  




Gone with the Ocean

Art in words — Barron is the only writer who uses this style. His poems are written with pictures of emotions.




God and Romance

 In Poetry

A collection about life experiences and how they relate to faith and love.

Click here for a page where you can listen to a sample poem.


 We Have Seen

Sharing the awareness of miracles in daily life.


Love for Valentines Day and Always

This collection, illustrated in color, is both a book and a romantic gift card.      

Where Was God?

When I Needed Him Most


Ocean People

Expressive poems  inspired by the author’s love of the ocean, its beauty and its powerful attraction for people everywhere.

The Greatest Poetry

 In the World

Poems seen as “word seeds” sown to God and to honor the glory of things greater than ourselves.

Now available on CD!

Barron reads the poems of Gone with the Ocean on a beautiful audio CD with music and nature sounds.